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This Wiki is now setup as a support site for the PCLinuxOS distribution. I intend for this to supplement resources available for PCLinuxOS users. Material here is specific to horneker.com, and this wiki or any other part of horneker.com is not affiliated with nor endorsed by the official PCLinuxOS website, nor by Texstar and others involved with the PCLinuxOS distribution.

General Information

Anyone can contribute to this Wiki. All you need to do is first, get an account with Wikidot.com. You must be logged in to your Wikidot.com account to contribute. Then, click on How to join this site?. From there, simply type anything you want, e.g. your system configuration, why you want to contribute to this site, why you use free software, etc., as long as it fits within the space provided, and it is not defamatory or otherwise offensive according to Wikidot standards. (Click on Terms of Service at the bottom of this page for details.) Note, you will need to enter a password in the next part of the form. Type linuxuser for the password. This is to ensure that you are the person applying to join the Wiki, and not some program designed to collect information for spammers.

Also, the discussion forum on here is separate from other discussion forums listed in the main website. The way forums are navigated and edited here is different from that of a traditional forum. At the bottom of most pages, there is a discuss link.

Other than that, welcome to horneker.com.

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